Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oliver Wong

Name: Oliver Wong

  • Microsoft apologist
  • Seriously lacking in ethical values
  • Deservedly nicknamed Oliver Wrong
[I would like to add a link to where Wrong showed his utter lack of ethical values]


Anonymous said...

Put Kelsey Bjarnanasonfason in his place. Same with Mark Kent. Same with ultra-german Peter Kohlmann. Now they cry about it. Needs to be regrouped with ghost under Owns you all.

Anonymous said...

For a good quote, see:


Subject: 'Windoze: "This program is not responding"', Post #10.

Advocate in follow-up post did a Peter Kohlmann and called him "Bliss Ninny"

> Experience? Reason why I mentioned
> that is we want to hear your
> experiences, if you have something to
> share.

If you want to hear about my experiences, you need only to ask for them. For example, in this post, I am answerign any questions I notice you asking me. The earlier post I made in reply to Maverik's post was made not for your benefit, but for Maverik's. You interjected with some additional question/comments, and so I'm providing answer to your questions, and more comments to your comments. I thought this is how newsgroups work.

Erik said...

Thanks for the link but its not the thread I'm really looking for. The one I want is where he said that it was in shareholders interest to break the law to maximize profits or something like that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Roy Culley lost his penis in a terrible farming accident.