Friday, August 24, 2007


Name: waterskidoo

  • Attempts to make well reasoned sounding posts - mostly fails
  • The style has a suspicious smell of the flatfish troll when on its meds
  • Sockpuppet
  • Smells even more like flatfish:
Message-ID: fasebm$m1g$


Anonymous said...

Mark Kent is a fecalphiliac.

Anonymous said...

Ed could Clogwog please be added to the list. He lately asked for recognition of his trollhood. Recently he proudly summed up his nyms:

Clogwog, Peer Geilzeever, Nicodemus Kwaadenkloot, Gozewienus Smegmasmuller,
Arsene van Tiethuysen, Deodatus Kuttenvanger, Olivier Anusjager, Quirinus
Pukkelpenis, Gradus Kanusmans, Berend van het Aarshouweel, Driekus van 't
Lullenhof, Derk den Klotsoksel, Hentje Kotskameel, Arie Drollenboer, Wullum
Droogkloot, Peer van der Berigheid, Arend Keuvelklier, Marinus Pielrukker,
Karel Klootendraaier, Dingeman Sneerbakkus, Kobus Binnenaars, Manus
Simpelcont, Jodocus Uytbuicker, Arsene den Rode-Apenkontjager, Desederius
van der Keutelenhof, Querinus van der Tiethuyzen, Gezinus den
Sluitspierbeul, Dingeman Sneerbakkus.
They all escaped from your krillfile isn't it! *Gezinus* & *Quirinus*

Some data: he seems to be Dutch and especialy attacks Dutch COLA users in his native language, so the rest of the group is not able to recognize his attacks.

His msg headers are spoofed. The company "klompenmakerij 't Wilgje" is non existent.

He recently made a mistake, and his ISP seems to be

This is all I know about this awful charcter. Hope it's enough information thoug.

Besides COLA, Clogwog is also despised in Windows NG's, where he frequently crossposts COLA messages.

He is another habutial liar and seems to be homophobiac (which is very remarkable for a Dutch dude).

Just search Google groups for Clogwog and have some fun :-)



Marti van Lin said...
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Anonymous said...


He recently made a mistake, and his ISP seems to be

Should be

Anonymous said...

Roy Schestowitz is paid by Microsoft to troll COLA.