Friday, September 28, 2007


Name: clogwog

  • Pathetic attention seeker
  • Mostly uses mail to news gateways for anonymity
  • Frequently nymshifts
  • Habitual liar
  • Homophobic
  • Possibly Dutch
[Thanks to xxxxxxx for most of the clogwog details]

Some of its nyms:

Clogwog, Peer Geilzeever, Nicodemus Kwaadenkloot, Gozewienus Smegmasmuller, Arsene van Tiethuysen, Deodatus Kuttenvanger, Olivier Anusjager, Quirinus Pukkelpenis, Gradus Kanusmans, Berend van het Aarshouweel, Driekus van 't Lullenhof, Derk den Klotsoksel, Hentje Kotskameel, Arie Drollenboer, Wullum Droogkloot, Peer van der Berigheid, Arend Keuvelklier, Marinus Pielrukker, Karel Klootendraaier, Dingeman Sneerbakkus, Kobus Binnenaars, Manus Simpelcont, Jodocus Uytbuicker, Arsene den Rode-Apenkontjager, Desederius van der Keutelenhof, Querinus van der Tiethuyzen, Gezinus den Sluitspierbeul, Dingeman Sneerbakkus.


Anonymous said...

He's Kelsey Bjarnason's best friend. He can do 10 pushups before his arms give out. His favorite cereal is fruit loops.

Anonymous said...

One of his other nyms is Dr. Bill. His ip-address is probably and his provider is XS4ALL.
Check out this thread for more info on this:

Is most definitely Dutch, speaks Dutch fluently.

Anonymous said...

High Plains Thumper loves to suck on balls.

Anonymous said...

IP Information for
IP Location: Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam Xs4all Internet Bv
Resolve Host:
IP Address: [Whois] [Reverse-Ip] [Ping] [DNS Lookup] [Traceroute]
Blacklist Status: Clear
Whois Record

inetnum: -
netname: XS4ALL
descr: XS4ALL Internet BV
descr: ADSL IP numbers
country: NL
admin-c: XS42-RIPE
tech-c: XS42-RIPE
remarks: Please send email to "Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by" for complaints
remarks: regarding portscans, DoS attacks and spam.
mnt-by: XS4ALL-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

role: XS4ALL Internet NOC
address: XS4ALL Internet BV
address: Postbus 1848
address: 1000BV Amsterdam
address: The Netherlands
phone: +31 20 3987654
fax-no: +31 20 3987604
abuse-mailbox: Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by
admin-c: CB127
tech-c: CB127
tech-c: OD45
tech-c: EB76-RIPE
tech-c: RZ2757-RIPE
tech-c: KAI11-RIPE
nic-hdl: XS42-RIPE
mnt-by: XS4ALL-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

descr: XS4ALL networking
origin: AS3265
mnt-by: XS4ALL-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

Anonymous said...

Mark Kent can fit his whole fist in his mouth, and will gladly show you.

Anonymous said...

It has a blog too:

This one is registered to a Tom Schuring in Australia.

at WhoIs

Anonymous said...

Mark Kent will probably hurt your children.

高い平野のサンパー said...

Clogwog heeft een zeer vuile mening.

tom said...


i can tell you that is owned by me (tom schuring) and i am certainly not a troll. so please do not mistake me for someone else.

best regards

Anonymous said...

You're a liar tom.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Clogwog. Tom is being sincere, but you are not by calling him a liar. Why?

Anonymous said...

You are not being sincere by calling me clogwog. Why?

Anonymous said...

Clogwog and nyms have violated personal privacy by posting Linux advocate's residential addresses and telephone numbers. Following are links to Google Groups Usenet posts of such:

Anonymous said...

Clogwog proudly admits to his other nyms and as source of personal privacy violations through his other nyms. His list does not contain his current nyms such as KUTLOZE SCHEEFGEPOEPTE, Hans and nym-theft of chrisv. He falsely accuses by adding an incorrectly identified nym "Robin T Cox".

Fuckwitted Wendy Toiletwater, Robin T Cox, George Hostler and Rafael are still here!, you less than fucking useless pillock!

Isopropylbromochloromethylphenoxyl-Trifluoromethylpyrimidinylaminoethyl-Aminofluorobenzylpiperazinopropanol@ Piperazino-Anilinoca, Amanda Shithousedoor, Vedastus de Ploertendoder, Karel Ackerlack, Dionisius Pluckhaar, Niftikar Kroek, Sibold Bargehassus, Eustachius Aarsdrek, Philemon van den Heetkamp, Nicodemus Geilzeever, Peer Kwaadenkloot, Arsene Smegmasmuller, Gozewienus van Tiethuysen, Olivier Kuttenvanger, Deodatus Anusjager, Gradus Pukkelpenis, Quirinus Kanusmans, Driekus van het Aarshouweel, Berend van 't Lullenhof, Hentje den Klotsoksel, Derk Kotskameel, Wullum Drollenboer, Arie Droogkloot, Arend van der Berigheid, Peer Keuvelklier, Karel Pielrukker, Marinus Klootendraaier, Kobus Sneerbakkus, Dingeman Binnenaars, Jodocus Simpelcont, Manus Uytbuicker, Desederius den Rode-Apenkontjager, Arsene van der Keutelenhof, Querinus van der Tiethuyzen, Dingeman den Sluitspierbeul, Gezinus Sneerbakkus. They left too!

HighPlainsThumper_Rafael_GeorgeHostler_ WendyToiletwater_RobinTCox_ Liar__Cocksucker_Retard_Nymshifter_ NetKKKop_Netnanny
= an idiot!

(personal privacy on Linux advocate snipped)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Clogwog seriously has to visit a Psychiatrist. I mean the poor chap is a homophobe living in the Netherlands (where same sex marriages are legal for almost a decade). What a contradiction.