Thursday, January 10, 2008


Name: raylopez99

  • Genetically stupid
  • Homophobic (probably a closet gay - see note 1)
  • Steals Microsoft Software (see note 2)
1. Hey Roy, Ricky Martin, he your favorite artist now?
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2. In Thailand, being more international, they had English editions of the wares as well. As for "extra code" I haven't seen this yet. I would imagine, since I've been using this Thai s/w for a whileMessage-ID: <>


Anonymous said...

Mark and Roy sitting in a tree, L-I-E-I-N-G. First comes FUD, second comes "Me too", third comes a misleading headline and a snip of an article that Roy didn't read.

That's poetry baby.

Anonymous said...

raylopez99 is not only utter stupid, he's a liar too.

He claims to be "very rich", but then why is he whining for months about a prehistoric machine like a Pentium II?

Beside that, he continually brags about his dial up modem. If he's so rich, then why can't he afford a broadband connection?

He also claims to be a "rocket scientist" with an IQ of 140, but his posts speak for themselves.

In contrast to his claims, this is a more realistic profile of raylopez99:

* he's cheep;
* lives in a trailer park (far from the civilized world);
* has an IQ <80 and a inferiority complex;
* possibly a Hadron Quark or TAB sock.

Anonymous said...

The most true quote about raylopez99:

"You are too fucking stupid to even operate a toaster"...