Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Steel

Name: Big Steel

  • Foul mouthed
  • Stupid

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高い平野のサンパー said...

Nymshifting Duane Arnold troll.
Shifts nyms like drinking water.
Dumber than dirt. Smells of the Vista King feces troll. Only expertise are taunts. Nymthieves advocate names to mock them. Claims to write Windows software.


Nyms used (partial list): Anti on Chicken Little(s), Anti on Linux Sinister Chicken Littles, Brown Nosing Linonut, Chicken Little Albright, Chris Ahlstrom (spoof of real poster), chrisv1, COLA Fish and Game, COLA Gone Wild, COLA People Controller, COLA Gone Wild, COLA Sucks, COLO Loons, Confused Donkey, Dan S-illy aka Barney Phife, Doctor Bee, General Paul Montgomery, General Paul Montgomery1, General Paul Montgomery2, General Paul Montgomery3, General Paul Montgomery4, General Paul Montgomery5, General Paul Montgomery6, General Paul Montgomery7, Hunting for JackA$$, Identity, Jack the Ripper, Junk Yard Dog, Kotex Queen Clear Windows, Linonut (spoof of real poster), Linux Pimps, Linux Sucks, Little Mad Dog, Mick Murphy (spoof of real poster), Montgumdrop, MontGumDropped1 Paul, Mr. Arnold, Paragon Falcon (he can't spell "peregrine"), Paul MontDenturesDropped, Paul Montgomery (spoof of real poster), Paul Montgomery 9000, Paul Montgumdrop, Pauly, Ringmonster, Roy S. Schestowitz (spoof of real poster), Savwafare with Flare, Sorry Linux Pimps, Sudden Impact, Tall Tales Albright, Terry Porter (spoof of real poster), Terry's Web Server, The Bee, The Big Ticket, The Hornet, The Lone Ranger, The Lone Ranger1, The Lone Ranger2, Triple X Killer, Van Helsing the Albright Hunter, etc.