Saturday, January 27, 2007

Alexander Terekhov

Name: Alexander Terekhov

  • Simple minded windows troll
  • Upset that Roy Schestowitz doesn't include him in his troll list
  • Did I mention he is simple?


Anonymous said...

Can I use the word simple some more? How about Microsoft apologist again? No wait, this time I'll add pathetic in front. I am as complex as they come.

Anonymous said...

"T who will not be named" is [in]famous on the Y! SCOX finance message board. Backs up his absurd ideas by quoting himself from different posts on other boards. In doing so he is silly enough to provide the links.

He backed up Dan Wallace in the latter's failed attempt at suing the FSF over the GPL. He had this thing about using the first sale clause under copyright law as a way to get around providing source code when distributing GNU/Linux.

His favourite retort to anyone who disagrees with him is to call them a vegetable.