Saturday, January 27, 2007

Scott Nudds

Name: Scott Nudds (aka VistaKing)

  • Microsoft Shill
  • Scott Nudds also trolls on it seems
  • Often nym shifts - badly (email address BushIsATraitor@hotmail is the give away)
  • Is obsessed with excrement when describing Linux and Linux advocates


Anonymous said...

Alright, this dude sucks worse than Roy Culley, even I'll admit that. But it's close.

raylopez99 said...

Scott Nudds also trolls on it seems

Bawana said...

Snotty Pudds uses his ass as a storage shed.

Anonymous said...

SN nymshifts continuously, however, one trademark is his E-mail addy. This doesn't mean that he doesn't use other addys. His trademark is his dung fetish. He likes to slime Linux advocates and the Linux OS with statements using different derogatory variants of dung.

He also over the past couple years has his own "FAQ" of 357 lines, which is drivel about his failures with Linux.

He will also reword an advocate's proper polite statement into one referring to dung.

Anonymous said...

Mark Kent can fit his entire fist in his mouth.