Saturday, January 27, 2007


Name: snit

  • MAC troll
  • Cross posts to maximize newsgroup disruption
  • Despised by many on COLA and COMA (comp.os.mac.advocacy)
  • Proves the saying 'those that can do, those that can't teach'
  • Idiot


Anonymous said...

Made Roy Culley cry, so I guess that's trolling.

Anonymous said...

"Those that can do, those that can't teach" isn't a saying and doesn't even make sense. Roy Culley is semi-retarded

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Snit is not well liked for his trolling, as expressed in this reply:

Subject: Re: Oh no, Snit! A TWO page paper!
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 08:26:59 -0600

Tell Snit... he's the disingenuous, nymshifting, ID forging, sock puppet using ass who has been trolling usenet for *years*. Here's what some people have to say about him... to give you a little perspective as to who is causing this crap:

1- Adam Kesher: "Steve, IIRC Sandman's website has a member area and a login. If you forget your password, you can ask it to e-mail it to you, and a bot will send an e-mail.

*That* is the e-mail Snit got from Sandman's website, and yes he's that fucked in the head and starved for attention that he'd claim it to be an e-mail from Sandman himself. So, don't get sucked into his little circus.

The e-mail, in this particular instance, did probably originate from"

2- Alan Baker: "People's perceptions of you are *formed* by behaviour and not withstanding your occasional on topic posts, I wish you'd leave too. Please note that despite the amazing silliness that is Edwin, I have never made the same wish of him."

3- Andrew J. Brehm: "You are not flamed because you speak the truth, you are flamed because you are a hideous troll and keep disrupting the newsgroup."

4- AZ Nomad: "The fact that you routinely change your headers to weasel out of killfiles proves that you're an asshole."

5- Andy/news/nospam: "Why do you keep these things up, Snit? Why not
just let them go away and show how responsible a member of CSMA you are? You could show your enemies up by being better than then, rise above the low level you so obviously dislike. Anything, just stop...."

6- B.B.: "Does the From: header contain the string "Snit"? If yes, then troll. Otherwise, maybe. Dunno why I had my KF on you set to expire, but it's fixed now."

7- bobinnv: "I learned some time ago how much better this group can be if you kill file Snit. I have never understood why more people don't do the same.."

8- Bob S: "This has always been pretty much a free-for-all group, but since Snit showed up, its become almost impossible to have a decent discussion about anything.

The solution is to NOT REPLY TO SNIT. But for some reason, some people just can't stop feeding him."

9- [b]unny: "snit makes me sad."

10- buzz off: "Snit is obviously mentally ill..."

11- chrisv (cola): "No, she called him "shit", and rightly so, for they way he was so ignominiously birthed into a toilet at the bus depot, and simply refused to die, despite repeated flushes.

It's now far too late to *flush* him, but we can still *plonk* him..."

12- C Lund: "Snit is not my responsibility. Maybe it's time for you to learn how to use your kill-filter. I am assuming, of course, that your Usenet browser has a kill-filter."

13- Code Orange: "Then why post it? What need is there for you to "win" an argument? They don't like you, you don't like them. Why must you keep this up? What results are you expecting?"

14- Dawg Tail: "You've already apologized for having already misread what I had previously written. What makes you think that you're correctly understanding what I'm writting now. You've got a history of reading into things what you wanted people to have said instead of what they really said.

I suggest you get over this limitation of yours. It's making you look foolish."

Dawg Tail: "PC advocates, Mac advocates, Linux advocates. Almost all of them are making similar claims about Snit. When you have so many diverse people who share a common perception where do you think the problem lies? With Snit? Or almost everyone else? The answer doesn't require an advanced degree to figure out."

15- Dave Fritzinger: "Snit, please go away. Get a life, meet a woman, do something, but please, please, please, GO AWAY!!!! "

16- Donald L McDaniel: "Jesus, snit. You're a teacher. I thought you knew what a metaphor was, and could recognize one when it was presented to you. I guess I had too much confidence in you."

17- ed: "snit, you continually amaze me with how much of a liar and loser you are. you may notice a semi-regular pattern with me where i stop responding to your posts for stretches at a time, then start up responding as if you were a normal person. i suppose it's tough for the magnitude of your 'loserdom' to stick, so it loses some of it's sharpness when i stop responding to you. you almost always start responding back in a semi normal way, but inevitably degenerate. it's once again that time. i can only ask that you pass my condolences to your wife and unborn child for having to put up with such a dishonest fool as yourself. (well, if your wife is a loser as well, just pass those condolences to the rug-rat to be; if not, double condolences to her). "

18- Edwin: "You've got to be out of your mind, Snit. You're the worst troll this group has ever seen. You're a liar and a forger, and you've almost destroyed this group single-handedly. For you to post a list of out of context arguments, and lies, and forgeries about your enemies labeled as a "peace effort" has to be one of the craziest stunts you've pulled. It's all about your sick need for attention, your need to be center stage at all times. You'd publicly eat dog turd if you thought it would make people look at you."

19- Elijah Baley: "Seriously, Snit, you need psychiatric help. Go see a

20- Elizabot v2.0.2: "I see you were unable to respond to the points in my post and you are back to your repetitious regurgitation mode. How childishly typical of you, Snit. "

21- fibercut: "That is the problem. In the years I have been coming to CSMA I have seen in the past year a real hatred among people, besides the typical Mac vs. Windows typical argument. I feel that it is like being in a room of really young children trying there best to best the other person. The one common thing among all of this seems to be you. I hate to be like this, but facts are facts. You seem to be in the middle of a great percentage of arguments. CSMA has become less about Macs and more about "look everybody, I think he lied". Is there no end then all this picking at each other on such a personal level. CSMA has always been al little adversarial but you have personally crank it up to the point that this place is no longer fun. Congratulations on stopping CSMA and making this place your own personal circus."

22- George Graves: "Jason. You have started an argument with the Snit (AKA Michael Glasser), this should not be done. He will drive you crazy with his twisted logic, his deep-rooted need to be ALWAYS right at any cost. He will move goalposts, set up strawmen, and bore you into submission with his endless pedanticism. The only way to engage him is to hit and run. NEVER engage him, it's a futile, empty procedure that will only anger you and feed him. Take my advice and STAY AWAY!"

23- "Hitting the vodka tonight Snit?"

24- Greycloud: "You really shouldn't lie like that. Everyone else notices that you are not honest and you have no honor."

25- Henry Flam: "Who gives a damn about this shit? Snit, once in a while, I make the mistake in thinking that that you are starting to make sense in your posts; I tend to agree with your politics. Then you post stuff like this and it destroys any respect that I have for you."

26- Heywood Mogroot: "*plonk*"

27- Jamie Hart (cola): "It seems that since you are unable to offer support for your statements, you're reduced to personal attacks on me. Incidentally, anyone reading this post can see that I have offered no straw men, and have only asked you to explain how the things you state as facts can be true. I'm really sorry that you're taking this attitude, the topic is an interesting one and I thought you might have some insights. I've snipped the rest, since you dislike long posts and avoid answering any of the questions I asked by saying everything was just repeated. "

28- Jason McNorton: "You're one of the many, many paranoid people on usenet that should be confined most likely. You sit there and refresh your screen endlessly. You post the same nonsense over and over. Either you're a super troll, or you're a super mess."

29- JEDIDIAH (cola): "You're simply full of shit."

30- Jeff B.: "Yo, Snit. We're not pals. I think you're a git."

31- Jeff Hoppe: "This is a Macintosh Advocacy newsgroup. Not a 12-step recovery plan. Your medical problems or conditions won't help me achieve a greater understanding of my Mac. In fact, it detracts from it and those kinds of discussions have no place in a newsgroup such as this."

32- Jesus: "Really, Snit. It's annoying. What are you accomplishing besides being annoying? Is that your goal?"

33- Jim Lee Jr.: "Snit, read the thread's title, is Bush mentioned in it? You (and Carroll) ought to learn to stay on topic and not hijack threads."

34- Jim Polaski: "Why is it that nearly every thread you're involved in seems like it turns into some tit-for-tat, dozens of responses to OT things and garbage?"

35- Jim Richardson (cola): "And yet again, Snit runs away, rather than
actually provide evidence for his claims. Par for the course I suppose."

36- Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo: "and Snithead has even farther to fall -
in a few weeks he'll be out on the street after midnight, yelling at
passersby 'sucky sucky, $2...'"

37- John C. Randolph: "You're nothing but a troll yourself. What are you bitching about?"

38- JohnOfArc (cola): "I'm not sure "troll" does it justice- more like a black hole! But hey, if we all promise to never again even entertain an unkind thought re Apple, will you take it back and lock it up? Please??"

39- John Q. Public: "I have not been bothered to read Snit's postings since I figured out who he is. I don't bother to filter his posts, I just consider the source and skip to the next one when I see his name."

40- John Slade: "I don't get posts from Snit. I wouldn't be shocked that he has some kind of disorder. He made up stuff about being a computer repairman and teacher. He's just plain loony and best ignored. Let him deal with his disorder by medication. He's here to do one thing, get attention from people. He says the crazy stuff just to get a reaction. You say you like to beat him over the head. Well that's what he's counting on, he says stuff he knows isn't true in hopes to get a rise out of people like you. Ignore him, you won't regret it."

John Slade: "Snit, you have a enough problems as it is without adding drinking booze to the list. How the hell did you manage to get out of my killfile? Oh well back into the cage you go, PLONK."

41- Josh McKee: "Snit, I assume there was some point to this posting? Because I certainly cannot find it."

42- K E: "I haven't read this board for awhile but I see that even though the trolls still roam free at least the worst troll of the lot is mostly being ignored by readers on this bb. If the few stragglers that keep replying to him would just stop responding to Snit at all this place could be worth coming back to. There's a good chance he'll pack up and take his trolling to more fertile ground."

43- Kelsey Bjarnason (cola): "Funny how you simply don't bother reading the posts that rip your entire thesis to bleeding gobbets of putrid excrescence. Maybe some day you'll learn how to support your position, instead of sticking your fingers in your ears and humming, hoping it'll all go away."

44- Ku Karlovsky (cola): "You repeatedly chastise others for ad hominem attacks while in the same sentence make your own ad hominem attacks.You make silly claims and then avoid the subject of your silliness. You're a liar and a hypocrite and you always have been."

45- Lars Trager: "Yes, you are stupid."

46- Lefty Bigfoot: "Okay, I tried to put up with it for a long time, but the few times you post something worth reading just aren't worth it anymore. *plonk*"

47- Liam Slider (cola): "Maybe he's responding to the fact you've been an annoying little fuckwit lately. You started out with the pretense of trying to be fair, but lately all there is from you in COLA is trashtalk about Linux and you acting every bit the troll."

48- Linonut (cola): "Snit is a Tholenoid."

49- Lloyd Parsons: "Well, I don't know if Oxford is the most cretinous, I would think that would be reserved for Snit! ;-)"

50- Mark Kent (cola): "The problem with someone like Mr Glasser is the same as it is with Mr Wong, even if he were to be honest now, it would be impossible to determine where the honesty starts and the usual dishonesty ends. In my primary school, one of the teachers was very keen on proverbs, and I recall her going over the "cry wolf" story. Mr Glasser could "cry wolf" over and over now, and I would not come to help him with his sheep, because I do not know any way of determining if he's ever telling the truth, or indeed, if he ever has."

51- Mayor of R'lyeh: "The fact is that he's probably pulling it to this post since its all about him and he managed to make me think about him today. A friend of mine has a toddler. I went over to her house and videotaped her kid doing a bunch of cute toddler stuff then burned a DVD of it for her. While we were watching the DVD her kid got mad. He got mad because we quit making him the center of attention and made that kid on the tv the center of attention. He even ran up to the tv and tried to block our view of it. That's how Snit lives his whole life."

52- Michelle Ronn: "The real topic here is that one someone refutes your "facts", you run away and ignore them. Refuting your "facts" is easily done in this case. I did it, and you ignored it. "

53- Mike: "Nonsense. I never see you "advocate" anything. All I see you doing is engage in endless semantic arguments with everyone. You're the TholenBot of CSMA. BTW, that's *not* a compliment!"

54- Mike Dee: "I will no longer accuse you of lying here. Instead I can only say that you are a complete and delusional kook that happens to inhabit CSMA for the time being. That you are unaware of how deranged you actually behave further reinforces this notion. Please seek professional help."

55- mmoore321: "Snit is a human car-accident and we are all rubbernecking. We know it is bad form, but yet strangely curious. Treat him the same way, look but just keep moving on."

56- Mojo: "Actually, these facts piss everybody off because they are off-topic, unnecessarily confrontational, extremely boring and clearly show that you are crying out for attention."

57- Mr. Blonde: "Lastly, I can't help but comment on the fact that your obsession with Sandman has actually grown since you claimed to KF him. Killfilling someone generally implies you're ignoring that person, yet you piggyback onto virtually every reply to him here and and check his website's validation status more often than most people check their e-mail. These are not the actions of a mentally balanced individual."

58- MR_ED_of_Course: "Seriously, spend half a day at any pre-school or kindergarten and see if the kids there can't teach you a thing or two about social behavior."

59- Muahman: "Ummm, dude you post 1000 posts a day. 999 of them are trolls, if anyone here has issues it's not me."

60- Nashton/Nasht0n: "Oh for crying out loud, if I wasn't convinced that snit is a total loser, and I rarely call people losers, I certainly am now. Why bother responding to his stupidities anyway?"

61- New Bee: "Honest and honorable? You? You've either got a wry sense
of humor, or you're completely nuts. Either way you're just a waste of time, and you've done more than anybody to make this group a cesspool. Then you revel in wallowing in your own filth."

62- Not Important: "I get this mental image of you and a sibling as children in the back seat of the family car saying: Mom, 'snits' touching me ... and you responding much as you do now ... I'm not touching you, you're touching me! The problem is that by now you should've grown out of that type of poke and complain interaction with others. But, of course, you've haven't learned how to interact with others in a more 'constructive' and mutually beneficial manner even now."

63- OldCSMAer: "What's he been doing? Am I going to be sorry I killfiled him?"

64- OldSage: "What drives me nuts is your unrelenting ability and desire to argue on the head of a pin about the most trivial of things."

65- Oxford: "If you are using MT-Newswatcher: Select offending Author, example Snit... Go to the Filters Menu, Choose "Kill this Author" Click "OK" Then Repeat with each annoying Author of your choice. Then to see your work... Choose the Filter Menu again, Then "Refilter Articles"... Bam! No more boring, pointless bickering about nothing. Enjoy!!!!!"

66- Patrick Nihill: "I mean, honestly, who would you rather discuss something with; Dan, or someone like Zara? Or, for that matter, Snit, for whom the work 'troll' seems so painfully inadequate?"

67- Pawel Wojciak: "Jesus Christ, snit... [plonk] "

68- PC Guy: "Forget it Snit, you're a waste of time. For someone who talks about everyone else not being "honest and honorable" you appear to be the least honest and honorable of anyone here."

69- Peter: "I've never felt the need to use the filters in Newswatcher but I thought Id try the Kill this Author.. option with Snit. Ten seconds later and he's gone! Amazing."

70- Peter Bjorn Perlso: "Plonked for 60 days. Now stfu and take your argument with sandman into the private room."

71- Peter Hayes: "True, but that removes Snit completely, and someti... err..... occasiona.... errrrr..... once in a blue moon he has something useful to say."

72- Peter Jensen (cola): "Where has he ever said that they were not different windowing environments? Message-ID, please. Experience has told me not to trust you on anything without backing evidence."

73- Peter Kohlmann (cola): "Snot is a hideous troll. Nobody is as dishonest as that piece of unadultered garbage. There are csma posters even more stupid than Snot. Oxford comes to mind. There are certainly other csma posters who lie nearly as much. But no others are so intent on trolling in whatever way possible as Snot"

74- Phil Earnhardt: "You're only interested in trying to get superficial snipes and extrapolate inappropriate conclusions."

75- Rapskat (cola): "For instance, your sig you reference a long standing war you have going with some person from csma. It's like you single out persons to target your attentions upon and then continuously berate them with constant barbs and goads to perpetuate their acrimonious responses, which in turn you respond in kind, etc. ad infinitum. Above all things, your affinity for Macs and your overbearing pompous nature aside, this is what convinces me that your primary purpose for frequenting this and other groups is to troll."

76- RichardK: "Just killfile him already."

77- Rick (cola): "Snit, you are a liar. And an ignorant one. You trash people that are trying their level best to cope with a horrendous situation. And you do it without the slightest idea of what is going on."

78- Rick G.: "Just to be plain here, I have no doubt that he is a troll. I am tolerant of his nature, not blind to it. However, as a troll, he is ... somewhat clumsy."

79- Robert F.: "Um, perhaps you misunderstand. I don't care if you quote Mayor McCheese claiming the Earth is a flat plate perched on the shell of a tortoise, I was merely pointing out that you run the risk of looking ridiculous when you quote something patently stupid. If that's your goal, you're on the right track, and more power to you."

80- Roy Culley (cola): "You appear to be in the latter category. Starting crossposted threads for the simple purpose of hoping to generate a flame war. If you truly want to learn more about Linux and how it can help you and your supposed users why aren't you requesting help from a more technical Linux newsgroup than an advocacy group? As the old saying goes, those who can do, those who can't teach. Your posts seem to confirm that saying IMHO."

81- Sandman: "He is by far the most killfiled person in the -HISTORY- of csma. I've never seen someone so disliked, almost hated, in a news group before. He has the ability to turn just about any person against him in just a few posts. On usenet, trolls do this daily, but the funny part with Michael is that I actually think he DOESN'T consider himself be a troll - damn what -EVERYONE ELSE- is calling him. Obviously they are wrong. Only Tholen himself can match this behaviour."

82- sav: "You really need to take a rest somewhere nice. Honestly, even the nutters who hang out down on Brighton seafront made more sense than this. You been doing drugs or something?"

83- Sean Burke: If you're dumb enough to respond to snit, you're probably dumb enough to click on a spam attachment that promises to remove smut from your harddrive."

84- ShutterBugz: "so snit-zel has some kind of problem expressing anger, i guess. he has to vent his frustrations in other ways. and he thinks he's making sense: well the syntax is there and he figures he's pretty smart. indeed, he tells us, he's done the personality tests and the iq tests and he's okay! aaaaahhhhh, you see he's soooooooo well adjusted."

85- Steve Carroll: "The only things we are sure about Snit is that he has:
* a monumental reading comprehension problem.
* nym-shifted numerous times to avoid kill-files.
* built too many straw-men to count... some, the size of small cities.
* been labeled a disingenuous liar/troll(or worse) by the vast majority.
* used numerous sock-puppets and admitted to it.
* stolen IDs and admitted to it.
* gotten booted off by ISPs for his behavior.
* twisted more context than all csma posters combined.
* made more unsupported accusations than all csma posters combined.
* virtually no life outside of csma."

86- Steve Mackay: "Just killfile Snit, the dishonest piece of elephant dung, and all would go away. Sure, I got caught up in the "Snit Circus", but then the cotton candy began to sour, and CSMA begun to smell like elephant dung."

87- Steven de Mena: "Sorry, you have now lost all credibility with me for your rediculous argument regarding this."

88- Steve Travis: "Oh oh... Now look what we've done. Snit has lost all self respect and has sunk to the point of using words like 'asses' when referring to others. Oh, how could the morally superior snit have fallen so low.. Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to feel embarassed for him. Or perhaps we should set up a fund to get him more happy glue (and the appropriate plastic bags)."

89- Stuart Krivis: "You might as well just give up and plonk him then. A snit is a snit is a snit and always will be."

90- TheLetterK: "That is merely your perception, Shit. You're the one lacking counter evidence, and your arguments basically amount to "I'm right, nya nya nya." No matter how many examples someone points at to demonstrate their claim, you blindly continue to insist that they provide no evidence, or that the evidence given is irrelevant. Worse still, you fall back on straw men and disingenuous quote mangling to portray the argument in your favor. You are one of the worst trolls that inhabit CSMA, Shit. *Edwin* is more prone to fits of reason than you are. "

91-Tim Adams: "I'd kill file you but then I'd miss the fun. you see, you never cease to amaze me at just how stupid you really are. Why just the other day I had a great laugh when I saw you, the king of liars (in this NG anyway) calling somebody else a liar."

92- Tim Crowley: "I don't know - I think you might have more compassion. Snit is sick. He needs help. This is the only way the poor sick fool can get attention. My fucking God, he's taken to hanging out with and supporting racist pig fuckers like MuahMuah. It is true that no-one likes him and those that pretend they do are just using him or don't know him - but come on- it's not his fault. He's sick. Have some compassion, eh? All these idiot trolls, Zara, Stew, Tommy, MuaaaahMuaaah, and Snit - they are all so alike. I pity each and every
one of them"

93- Tim Smith: "No, he didn't, and there is no reasonable way you could actually believe he lied. You are purely trying to troll here."

94- Timberwoof: "*Plonk!*"

95- Tom Bates: "Do you have to turn any thread you post in into one of your Circus acts?"

96- Tommy: "In case you did not get it, I think the moral was: Stop polluting the world with your infantile and obsessive "writings". You give Mac advocacy a bad name. If that was your goal you have succeeded! That also goes for all that bullshit on your website"

97- TravelinMan: "I still can't figure out what's wrong with Snit. Most people have him kill-filed and the few who don't mostly restrict their responses to 'why don't you go away, no one wants you here'. Just what would keep someone in this group with all of that animosity? Must be some kind of severe mental illness."

98- Wally: "Because by your own admission "honor and honesty" are nothing more than a "game" to you, as such not only do you wish to define the rules, but no doubt you will also attempt to alter or bend the rules when inevitably things do not go to your liking, for this reason I doubt anyone would be foolish enough to play your game."

99- William R. Walsh: "Now, if you'll excuse me, and accept my sincere apologies for this, PLONK! Feel proud about that. You're the first person to be plonked from my new computer! :-) "

100- Woofbert: "*Plonk*"

101- zara: "Look - I'm not into combing through thousands of posts, to prove what was said or not said - I leave stuff like that to people without lives, like Snit. But it is assuredly, in the record. Ping Snit to do a search - you will flatter him, and give meaning to his tawdry little life."

102- Znu: "I think your 'I'll go start a new thread to try to draw more people into the debate I'm currently having with Steve/Elizabot/etc' tactic is fairly trollish."

Anonymous said...

Legally, Snit is a retard and cannot operate a car. Illegally, Snit prefers women's panties.